Camden Yards Testing New AI-Powered Weapons Detection Technology


Liberty Defense announce it has begun on-site beta testing HEXWAVE™ with the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) at the Camden Yards Sports Complex in the City of Baltimore.

The MSA is a unit of the state government that owns and manages the sporting venues at the Camden Yards Sports Complex, which is home to the Baltimore Orioles MLB team and the Baltimore Ravens NFL team. Beta testing will take place in the employee screening and VIP screening areas of the complex prior to the Baltimore Orioles MLB events occurring during this trial period.

Currently, hundreds of Orioles employees are screened using magnetometers as they enter Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

“We look forward to testing this exciting new technology at the Camden Yards Sports Complex,” said Vernon J. Conaway, Jr., Vice President, Safety and Security, Maryland Stadium Authority.

“The safety of our staff and guests is paramount, as well as ensuring they have a great experience. Though we are extremely confident in our current systems, our participation in this trial of HEXWAVE is about testing a next-generation security detection technology that could allow us to stay steps ahead of emerging threats.”

HEXWAVE a walkthrough screening portal

HEXWAVE is a walkthrough screening portal that can automatically detect hidden weapons and other potential threats, including both metal and non-metal items such as 3D-printed ghost guns and improvised liquid, powder, or plastic explosives. It leverages technologies such as millimeter wave, video-rate 3D imaging, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect potential threats and provides security operators with a real-time, automatic go/no-go decision.

“We are thrilled to be testing HEXWAVE in the live security screening environment of a sports stadium,” said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense.

“Being able to collect data and have insight into the security needs of MLB is extremely advantageous to the company and our ability to adapt the HEXWAVE’s AI algorithms to meet their needs.”

As previously announced, the Company will also be initiating additional beta tests in several settings, including a large state university, and major airports. Beta testing has already been conducted at one of the largest Hindu temples in North America. Beta testing is planned to continue at these various sites for the next 12 weeks.

Liberty Defense

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