Capticast Enhances School Safety With Interactive Video Solution

Capticast SVT, the first solution enabling security video clips to be manipulated for closer examination, annotated and shared to users’ mobile devices, is now available for use in school settings for rapid response to emergency situations.

The software integrates with existing video management systems, runs on any current PC, utilizes a 30” or larger touchscreen for interactive display, and includes secure live chat for real-time communication during incidents.

The core functions of Capticast SVT are delivered by neo 360, an all-in-one video player and encoder built into the solution that provides touch-based video controls as well as video capture and mobile video sharing tools. This enables users to:

  • Transmit suspicious video clips to a separate touchscreen monitor for evaluation
  • Change video speed and direction, playback frame by frame, and add annotations by swiping, tapping or drawing directly on the screen
  • Instantly alert on- and off-site security team members, including local law enforcement personnel, by sending a time-stamped annotated image and/or video link with the same video control features to their mobile devices
  • Communicate over a secure chat connection to help resolve emergencies

“If you have a live shooter in a school building or on a college campus, every second and every bit of information counts. What does the perpetrator look like? What is he or she wearing? What’s the weapon? Until now, if any of that information is captured on the security camera, there has been no way to quickly analyze the image or video, circle or otherwise mark relevant details, and share the results with school staff and law enforcement personnel in real time,” said David Borish, CEO and Co-Founder of Capticast.

“This solution offers an important new toolset to help schools respond in the event of an emergency.”

Capticast, a joint venture between creative software solutions company Teknikos and mobile video control technology developer neo 360, creates a new market segment of SaaS solutions for large-format touchscreen devices in broadcast, professional sports, security and other industries.