Casino Management Systems Industry 2018 By Security And Surveillance

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Casino market was hit by recession lately but now revenues are observed as increasing post recession years. Casino market has crossed $100 billion in recent years. Thousands of visitors get into casinos everyday and overall footfall is increasing globally.

Earlier, casinos were providing only games such as card games, table games, and slot machine games and it was exclusively a place for mere players; however, now casinos are places for a family to visit.

Today, apart from traditional games, casinos offer a wide range of services such as dinning, spa, restaurants, retail outlets, and lodging. Casinos have become a place nearly similar to an amusement park, which provide services for all age groups.

Since casinos are providing several services today, some people visit there for gaming and some for experience and ambience. Serving such a diverse customer crowd is very difficult. For casinos, service level and quality are the two weapons to retain their customers.

At this point of time, Information Technology (IT) plays a vital role in casino operations management. IT solution providers offer a whole new range of offerings which helps to manage large customer databases and provides helpful insights.

Apart from managing day-to-day operations, these solutions also help casinos to track customers and identify most profitable customers. These solutions enable casinos to enhance customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

Regardless of number of players win or lose, the house always wins. A huge pile of cash always resides with the casinos and it attracts schemers. Schemers always try to beat casinos and systems; in fact sometimes they take help of different technologies as well, such as cameras, invisible inks, and sensors.

To stop such scandals and frauds, today casinos are equipped with several surveillance and analytical solutions.

These solutions make sure that no fraud takes place on the floor and if ever attempted, it is flagged to the control centre via digital modes.

Wired or wireless communication technologies help to integrate the games on the casino floor as a unified integrated system. This report titled as Casino Management Systems (CMS) is focused on the overall market of the IT solution and systems provided by several vendors for casinos.

This report is broadly segmented into submarkets including: management systems, analytics, and security and surveillance. Management systems include customer management systems, floor management systems, cage management, property/asset management, and others.

Analytics further includes predictive analytics and video analytics. Security and surveillance further includes video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems. The Casino Management Systems (CMS) market is further segmented by regions such as NA, APAC, EU, MEA, and LA.


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