Dahua Technology USA Expands Smart H.265+ Portfolio

Dahua Technology USA, a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions proven the world over, has announced the expansion of its camera lineup featuring Smart H.265+, an enhanced version of the standard H.265 codec.

When compared with standard H.264, Smart H.265+ saves on bandwidth and storage up to 80%, decreasing bitrate and alleviating strain on the network. Pairing Smart H.265+ cameras with compatible Dahua storage devices represents a total solution that fully embraces the latest industry compression standards while offering the flexibility to tailor encoding for a particular scene.

“Dahua has transitioned its video surveillance portfolio to ensure our products are future-proofed with H.265 as customers migrate to this latest industry compression standard. All new Dahua product releases include dual codec support for H.265 and H.264 for backwards compatibility,” said Jennifer Hackenburg, senior product marketing manager for Dahua USA. “We’re pleased to release cameras with Smart H.265+ to further enhance this high efficiency codec.”

Dahua’s Smart H.265+ cameras can be found in the company’s Pro Series and Ultra Series, ranging from 2MP to 12MP and with options for fixed dome, vari-focal dome, bullet, wedge, box, and eyeball form factors. The dome, bullet, wedge, and eyeball-style cameras are housed in an IP67 weatherproof protection, making them suitable for extreme temperatures and demanding outdoor applications. The cameras boast Intelligent Video System (IVS) analytics for intelligence at the edge, and confirm to ONVIF and PSIA specifications, ensuring interoperability.

Smart H.265+ reduces bitrate in four innovative ways. Dynamic Region of Interest (ROI) allows for recording higher-resolution video only where activity is detected. Scene-adaptive encoding strategy mimics human vision perception of a scene by taking light, noise, motion, and enjoinments into consideration, making encoding more efficient in the process. New developments in noise reduction are implemented by distinguishing between the area of motion in a scene and the background, and applying a different noise reduction level to each region. Another strategy that reduces bitrate is Dynamic Group of Pictures (GOP). A typical video surveillance scene is often static for the majority of the time, transmitting an I-frame every two seconds regardless of activity. With Smart H.265+, an I-frame is inserted only when a change such as motion interrupts the scene.

“These specialized algorithms result in an increased feature set that vastly improves cross-platform adaptability and significantly reduces costs,” Ms. Hackenburg remarked.

By making reductions of useless or unimportant data wherever possible, Smart H.265+ maintains high- quality video without straining the network. The innovation behind Dahua’s Smart H.265+ codec is yet another example of why Dahua is proven the world over.

Source: dahuasecurity.com

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