Delhi India Politician Promises to Install 1-Million WiFi Security Cameras

city surveillance

Former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has promised to make Delhi streets safer like the UAE with the help of security cameras, if voted to power again. The national convener of Aam Admi Party (AAP) who is readying to fight assembly elections in Delhi early next year, promised to install one million WiFi security cameras across Delhi to make the streets safer, especially for women.

“[While driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi] A friend showed me security cameras installed on lampposts on the streets [which ensure security],” he said while addressing an audience of Indian professionals in Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

His party’s promised free WiFi service across the city along with installation of one million WiFi cameras to cost Rs3 billion.

“This will ensure women’s safety,” Kejriwal said. When he was chief minister, the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court had told him all criminal cases of atrocities against women could be disposed of within six months if more courts were established.

His government had initiated moves to that effect, but it was stalled when he resigned after 49 days in power.

Similarly all criminal cases could be disposed of in six months, but senior politicians involved in criminal cases did not want to change the system, he alleged.