Estill County EMS Successfully Deploys 3xLOGIC infinias Access Control

Estill County EMS

3xLOGIC announced Estill County Emergency Medical Services, located in Irvine, KY, is successfully using infinias access control from 3xLOGIC to improve security and give hard-working staff needed peace of mind to focus on their important work. Bates Security, Lexington, Kentucky, designed, installed, and oversees the system.

Shelia Wise, in charge of accounting and training for Estill EMS, oversaw the process to upgrade security at the County’s EMS facility.

“We were looking to secure a building that is in operation 24/7/365.” Working on behalf of the County EMS’s Board of Directors, Wise and her team assembled three bids and in the process got a real education on access control, what different systems can do, and what their real security needs were.

“Our main goals were to secure our medical room, per DEA regulations, and to make our facility safe when staff are here, but also when they need to clear out at a moment’s notice,” explained Wise. Ultimately, the Board of Directors choose inifinias access control because it met the wide-ranging needs of the County EMS. “We chose the best system for the price and the feature set,” said Wise.

Installation was completed about two years ago and the infinias system manages a total of six doors at the main EMS building, two of which are internal, including the medical room where drugs are stored. Later, two more doors were added at a sub-station location.

“A top concern is the medical room,” said Wise, “I have to be notified when someone is accessing that door. Now, I get an alert anytime someone is attempting to access that secure room anywhere I am, I don’t need to be onsite. Wise and other staff manage their eight doors from a single interface, by any computer with an Internet connection—anytime, anywhere.

“It was important that I could easily operate the system software without help from anyone else. And Sean Moberly from Bates is always available for questions and any maintenance that’s needed. It’s a great feeling to know that when we’re away doing our jobs all our worldly possessions back at the facility are protected and we don’t have to worry,” said Wise.

Estill County EMS has 35-40 employees and at any given time upwards to 15 people are at the main station on a daily basis. The infinias system manages access for all employees, some outside contractors who do radio and computer maintenance, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Ms. Wise also grants temporary access to hospital staff who use the facility for training.

As the main administrator, Ms. Wise has created five different sub-groups among all employees and visitors, providing each group with the access privileges they need to do their jobs, while ensuring that only a few individuals have full access to all doors and areas.

“I think the system works really well. There was a short learning curve, but it’s quite user-friendly and we’ve not had any problems. From what I was told at our original meeting with Bates through operations today, we got exactly what we were told, and we’re very satisfied,” Wise concluded.

3xLOGIC is recognized for providing easy-to-use surveillance and business intelligence solutions that seamlessly integrate video, access control, and disparate data such as ATM, Point-of-Sale, analytics, and more.

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