Evolon Introduces AI-Powered Video Monitoring Service 

Intelligent Solution Simplifies Proactive Security

Evolon Technology announces the launch of its advanced AI-powered video monitoring service on its Insites VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) platform. This technology is designed to offer small-to medium-sized businesses and commercial enterprises the ability to autonomously monitor their properties with Evolon’s advanced video service with the added option of engaging professional monitoring on demand or as scheduled for peace of mind.

Vital AI-verified alerts

At the heart of Evolon Insites is an AI copilot, allowing users to self-monitor their commercial facilities effectively. Vital AI-verified alerts with added metadata are sent directly to the user’s smartphone, enabling them to respond to active threats quickly. After events occur, AI-powered chat makes finding objects and behaviors of interest simple. Over time, users can leverage graphical dashboards to identify trends and anomalies and locate other critical data quickly to support a comprehensive security strategy.

Evolon offers a flexible, professional video monitoring service, making it frictionless for users to protect their business on their terms. SOS Dispatch connects sites to professional monitoring operations on an as-needed basis, dispatching emergency responses with the push of a button. For users who want professional protection, scheduled professional monitoring gives them confidence in knowing a team of expert security operators is watching over their facility.

“The high volume of false alarms from motion detection and the high costs of professional monitoring have made effective, proactive video monitoring a challenge for businesses of all sizes,” said Tom Galvin, CEO, Evolon.

“Evolon’s Insites service offers a one-stop video monitoring solution for a business of any scale. This approach introduces an AI-enabled, cloud-based video service that simplifies the path to proactive security operations. The flexibility to add professional monitoring on demand cuts through the usual complexities of long-term contracts, high costs, and ineffective security strategies. Now, we can provide robust, affordable monitoring services whenever needed. This offering opens up a new chapter in video services, where advanced solutions become accessible and customizable to the diverse requirements of today’s businesses.”

Evolon develops proactive video monitoring and perimeter intrusion solutions for commercial security. Evolon’s patented computer vision, video analytics, and AI software transform security cameras into smart devices and virtual security guards, empowering small business owners and commercial enterprises to protect their property and people. visit: evolontech.com

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Source: evolontech.com