FelenaSoft Releases Version of Xeoma VMS with New Drone Detection Modul

Drone Detection Module

FelenaSoft LTD has integrated numerous new features, specifically an artificial intelligence (AI) based aerial drone detection module.

Widespread use and adoption of drones for various purposes has led to challenging times for security teams at larger organization. Drones are becoming more advanced in their capabilities and have become used for nefarious usage such as smuggling, determining weak spots on corporate/government campuses, and actual spying activities.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) have even become weapons that different countries are using for war-time efforts. These various drone uses are demanding the tools for combating such efforts and to detect these drones as quickly as possible when they are near corporate/government or airport campuses.

“We decided to release the Drone Detection module with a focus on airports, since this functionality is essential at such facilities to avoid collision with other aircrafts,” Stated Alexander Feldman, Director at FelenaSoft Ltd.

FelenaSoft’s Xeoma VMS now has the added functionality of AI video analytics to detect drones within the surveillance camera feeds Xeoma is managing. Xeoma’s Object Recognition module has the drone detection function that when a drone is detected specifical actions can be implemented. These actions vary from sending SMS or email to appropriate individuals, to the triggering of other alarms, or initiating another application altogether.

For example, a separate application could be designed to run when the Drone Detection module is triggered that could suppress signals of navigation and other control systems.

What makes Xeoma’s Drone Detection System Better:

  • No special cameras or other embedded recognition detectors required. Recognition processes are conducted with Xeoma’s server. High quality video stream is enough;
  • Xeoma’s machine vision works relentlessly without loss of efficiency;
  • Xeoma is compatible with a vast majority of surveillance camera brands and is available for  Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Linux ARM systems; 
  • Xeoma’s drone detector is flexible, easy to use, and has an affordable price;
  • Xeoma VMS has a simple interface, flexible turnkey settings, and numerous professional-grade functions.

Xeoma has over a decade of experience with video analytics:

FelenaSoft has been building advanced features and capabilities into Xeoma since 2004 and continues to integrate functionality that is needed by today’s security professionals.  Xeoma VMS already has other built-in video analytic options that would be useful at airports and other corporate/government campuses, such as:

  • Emotion recognition to search for people with negative emotions (potential risk), as well as to analyze the service quality;
  • Face recognition to detect a specific individua, which can be used in combination of access control to restricted entry areas;
  • Bird/Animal recognition to avoid collisions with aircraft;
  • Abandoned object detection;
  • And numerous other video analytics.

Xeoma Can Do More!

Xeoma has more than 100 modules designed to solve today’s most pressing security and facility requirement within a VMS system. For example, Xeoma’s Slip and Fall Detector can detect a person falling in a selected area – ideal for use in elderly care facilities, hospitals, or as a part of “smart home” system.

Xeoma’s Sound Events Detector can recognize five different types of sound events: glass break, alarm, baby cry, screams, and gunshots. Combination with various reactions or detectors of Xeoma makes it a powerful automation tool both in private or commercial life.

The Eye Tracking Module detects the direction of a person’s gaze. With such data, it is possible to create statistics for different marketing, entertainment, scientific research or other security need.

Text Recognition Module scans the camera’s field of view for text and saves the found words or digits into report files. This can also be used with Xeoma’s Application Runner Module to trigger another function when certain phrases or numbers are detected with the video.

Xeoma VMS has all the features and functionality from simple recording, viewing with multi-layered user access rights and permissions, integration with access control, cash registers, and smart home systems to various AI modules.

Xeoma VMS is the ideal system for providing safety in airport, corporate, or government campuses.

FelenaSoft continually develops video management software and over the last 17 years has incorporated modern features and video analytics to become a leader in vertical industries that need machine vision. Visit www.FelenaSoft.com

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Source: FelenaSoft.com