Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Camera Found In Bathroom

If you were going to affix a tiny camera in an airplane bathroom, wouldn’t you remember to take it down again? Before, you know, someone found it. It seems, though, that an unknown person — for an unknown reason — taped a camera inside an airplane bathroom on Sunday and left it there.

When it was discovered, the American Airlines 767 plane, which was en route from San Francisco to New York, was diverted to Kansas City, as no one at the time could identify the device. It was feared to be a bomb.

As NBC News reports, it looked like a flash drive. But government officials now say it was a camera masquerading as a flash drive. That might lead some to speculation fueled by imagination. Some will utter words such as "mile," "high" and "club"; although, "high" might be sufficient.

Of course, the camera might have been there before the plane had taken off and no one had noticed it. Cameras disguised as flash drives are freely available, some costing as little as $50. Some models claim to record high-definition video. On the Brickhouse Security Web site, for example, one potential benefit is described as: "Use it as a handheld mini-camera or leave it plugged into your computer while set to motion activation to catch what’s going on while you’re away." […]

Source: cnet.com