Genetec Announces ISC West 2018 Product Lineup

Genetec Inc. announced its plans for ISC West 2018. The company will feature the latest version of Security Center, its flagship unified security platform, and demonstrate Citigraf, its new decision support system for comprehensive response coordination.

Genetec Citigraf is designed to help reduce response time to crimes, and provide insights and analytics on how crime moves across the city, so first responders can take the most effective action with the greatest awareness.

Security Center blends IP security systems within a single intuitive platform to offer users a comprehensive view of their security and operations.

From access control, video surveillance, and automatic license plate recognition to communications, intrusion detection, and analytics, Security Center empowers organizations to make informed decisions through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud.

The latest version of Security Center (5.7) allows users to gain a better understanding of their data, identify trends, and spot undetected patterns based on security and analytics data.

Version 5.7 also adds enhanced privacy protection for individuals, improves cyber resilience with new cybersecurity features, including a powerful new reporting feature that automatically alerts system administers to outdated and potentially dangerous camera firmware.

Of note at ISC West, Genetec will present Citigraf, its decision support system that features a powerful correlation and analytics engine which instantly detects and displays relevant information from disparate systems for inter-agency collaboration.

Since its installation across eight strategic decision support centers (SDSCs) in the City of Chicago, Citigraf has contributed to a reduction in response time to crime resulting in overall decreased crime.

With highly-accurate GIS location and visual information for fast ‘on-scene’ response, officers and emergency responders can make more effective decisions for situations in progress and collect pre-emptive data to help address and deter crime in ‘at-risk’ parts of the city.

Genetec Clearance, the company’s digital evidence management system, helps speed up investigations by allowing police officers, investigators and security managers, to collect, manage, and share digital evidence from a variety of sources such as video management systems, body-worn devices, in-car systems and cellphone footage from bystanders and witnesses.

By centralizing all pertinent files related to cases within a single application evidence can easily be shared between investigators or requested by 3rd parties, without needing an officer to go on-site to physically deliver the recordings.

“The lines between security and operations continue to blur and organizations are increasingly looking for a better understanding of their environments and operations, as well as greater efficiencies. Security systems, sensors and data are invaluable sources of information that until now have been largely underutilized. Genetec solutions consolidate this information, and convert unstructured data into actionable insight so organizations make data-driven decisions,” said Jimmy Palatsoukas, Director of Product Marketing at Genetec.

Expanded partner ecosystem

Genetec is further expanding its technology partner ecosystem, as evidenced by the Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance add-on for Security Center that integrates with a growing array of radar- and laser-based solutions from Optex, SpotterRF, and NavTech Radar.

The company will also showcase new access control hardware integration with Allegion NDE locks.


At ISC West, Genetec will continue in its mission to engage, educate and learn from IT and security professionals on the issue of cybersecurity.

With the newly launched Genetec Trust Center, Genetec has created a central repository of educational materials focused on cybersecurity, privacy, and other Security-of-Security topics to help systems integrators and customers understand trusted best practices to keep people and organizations safe and secure.

Genetec continues its focus on cybersecurity by offering unmatched levels of authentication, encryption, and authorization in all of its products.

Most recently, native support for OSDP version 2 (Open Supervised Device Protocol) has been added to manage and secure communications between access control field devices and the Synergis Cloud Link appliance, leading to a greater level of cyber resilience.

Genetec Inc. is a technology company with a broad solutions portfolio that encompasses security, intelligence, and operations.