Guardly Enterprise E911 Solution Is First to Improve Active Shooter Response Using New Indoor Positioning Systems


Guardly announces that its Enterprise E911 solution for smartphones can now be used to enable faster, more effective response during active shooter incidents. The solution is geared towards large private enterprises and uses indoor positioning and mobile apps to detect active shooters earlier, locate people and shooters indoors and streamline communication between people around the shooter and a security operations center.

As indoor positioning is a more recent advancement in security industry technology, Guardly also announced the availability of a new white paper detailing how indoor positioning technologies can be used to improve active shooter incident communications and outcomes.

“Indoor positioning technologies offer security leaders a remarkable opportunity to improve situational awareness and response for a number of threats including active shooters; even more powerful than what GPS technologies have provided the industry over the last decade,” said Josh Sookman, Guardly Founder. “As pioneers in indoor positioning and mobile safety solutions, we are dedicated to demonstrating how these technologies can be used to drive better incident outcomes.”

Guardly’s Enterprise E911 solution improves Active Shooter Response outcomes by helping security teams improve situational awareness during these unpredictable and quickly evolving events.

More specifically, the solution helps to more quickly identify shooters and their real-time position inside a building, identify where people are sheltered in place and help recommend when and where they should evacuate, and communicate more broadly with different stakeholder groups in real-time.

The solution components include mobile safety apps, indoor positioning systems set up within key buildings (additional hardware not always required), and a command center interface that lets security teams interact with people during the evolving active shooter incident.

The new white paper, titled Improving Response During Active Shooter Incidents with Indoor Positioning Systems, examines five key tactical challenges faced by security leaders as they manage and respond to active shooter threats and explores how indoor positioning technologies can provide strategic advantages.

The white paper includes the opinions of a diverse set of past and present Chief Security Officers, and also provides a background on what indoor positioning technology is and how it works. The white paper is available immediately as a free download on the Guardly website.