How Anti-Passback And Anti-Tailgating Capabilities Enhance Building Access Control


Security is a top priority for every type of business. Unauthorized access gained through various entry points puts employees at risk of physical harm and inventory at risk from theft. infinias Intelli-M Access access control management software is equipped with both Anti-Passback and Anti-Tailgating features that help prevent unauthorized entry to designated areas and enhance security at building access points.

Anti-Passback Anti-Passback is an access control security measure that prevents a cardholder from passing his or her access card to an individual behind them, and allowing them to gain access into a secured zone. There are two traditional methods for preventing this type of security breach: Local Anti-Passback and Network Anti-Passback.

Local Anti-Passback is intended for single door access only. It prevents successive swipes by a cardholder into a zone, within an hour. The hour time limit is hard coded on the controller and cannot be modified.

Network Anti-Passback is intended to work across multiple doors or turnstiles. For example, if there are five turnstiles that allow access into a zone, the rule will be applied to all five turnstiles. This prevents a cardholder from entering ‘Turnstile 1,’ walking down to ‘Turnstile 3’ and passing back his or her card. This method will prevent successive card swipes by a cardholder into a zone, within an hour.

Anti-Passback establishes a specific sequence in which access cards must be used in order for the system to grant entry. It is commonly used at access points […]