Innovation In Video Surveillance Tech At A Crossroads: Part 2

Editor’s note: This is part two in a two-part series on video surveillance trends from the perspective of several industry experts. Part one examines overall industry trends, the continued migration to IP and how companies are continuing to provide support to the large existing base of analog device users. Part two delves into the progression of high-resolution imaging technology, developments at the edge and the future of video recording. Over the past several years, it seems as though there has been an arms race within the video surveillance industry when it comes to high-resolution cameras. Just a few years ago, only a handful of vendors offered cameras with high-megapixel imaging capabilities. Now HD resolution is the norm and some companies offer cameras that provide users with as much as 40 megapixels of resolution. There have also been great advancements over the last several years at the edge. Functions such as storage and analytics that could once only be performed on the server side are now being done within the cameras themselves. Has the market settled on a sweet spot for image resolution? What kind of impact will advancements in edge capabilities and onboard storage have on camera R&D over the next several years? Here’s what several experts had to say at the ASIS show this week in Chicago. SIW: Has the industry settled on how much resolution is needed for given applications or are we going to continue to see higher and higher megapixels in the years to come? […]