Interface Brings Interactive Monitoring to IPConfigure Orchid VMS Deployments

The integration unlocks advanced interactive monitoring capabilities for multi-location businesses that have implemented the Orchid video management system.

Interface Systems, a managed service provider of business security, actionable insights, and purpose-built networks for multi-location businesses, announced that it has further expanded its offerings by bringing interactive remote video monitoring with Virtual Guard to customer sites that use on-premises and cloud-based deployments of the IPConfigure Orchid video management platform.

Interface Interactive Security Operations Centers

Interface Interactive Security Operations Centers (iSOCs) run an advanced video monitoring viewer that maximizes operator efficiency and enables interactive capabilities like live voice-downs, video verification of alarms, and virtual walk-throughs of remote locations.

iSOC integration with IPConfigure’s Orchid VMS guarantees the same fast and seamless remote video monitoring capabilities for any type of multi-site IPConfigure deployment.

Speaking about IPConfigure’s partnership with Interface, Christopher Uiterwyk, Chief Executive Officer, IPConfigure said,

“We worked closely with Interface to ensure that the Orchid VMS meets all the benchmarks to support their unique and time-tested approach to video verification and interactive monitoring. Integration with Interface allows both companies to jointly target multi-location retail and restaurant businesses who need a comprehensive security solution with a simple and easy-to-deploy video management solution paired with advanced interactive remote video solutions.”

“Every video management or alarm system we integrate with our iSOCs has to pass stringent testing to make sure we can empower our intervention specialists to take decisive actions in de-escalating risky situations or contacting law enforcement as needed in the shortest possible time,” explained Brian Garavuso, Chief Technology Officer at Interface Systems.

“IPConfigure’s Orchid VMS integration with our iSOCs gives customers a powerful combination of video management with enhanced monitoring and response capabilities.”

Interface Systems is a leading managed service provider of business security, actionable insights, and purpose-built networks for multi-location businesses. We enhance security, streamline connectivity, optimize operations, and reduce IT costs, maximizing ROI for the nation’s top brands. visit:

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