Johnson Controls Simplifies Enterprise-level Security Operations With Victor And VideoEdge 5.3


Johnson Controls announces the latest version of the victor and VideoEdge flagship video management solution (VMS). This release features an array of tools to improve analytic reporting, and streamline device and user management across multi-location installations.

The victor client on VideoEdge hardware platforms allows users to leverage high-performance video streaming, audio, video intelligence and an expansive feature set for improved real-time command and management.

“This is a major step forward for our VMS platform in its ability to better suit system owners and stakeholders that appreciate the benefits of regular updates and other proactive maintenance,” said Jammy DeSousa, senior product manager, American Dynamics, Building Technologies & Solutions, Johnson Controls.

“In the past keeping up with the latest and greatest firmware and cyber practices, such as rotating passwords on an array of devices, like cameras and NVRs, could be a hugely cumbersome process. With version 5.3 we’ve greatly reduced that workload while adding capabilities for cybersecurity and policy compliance.”

This latest release presents firmware and software management with enterprise bulk configuration that reduces the time and complexity associated with managing updates across enterprise deployments of Illustra cameras and VideoEdge recorders.

Also included is the ability to efficiently manage camera and NVR passwords to adhere to cybersecurity policies, enriched by the new enhanced security mode which removes default accounts and requires the creation of new accounts and roles.

Analytic functionality has been optimized with a new dashboard that displays important operational business intelligence from search results and visuals for average occupancy, conversion rates, engagement rates and more.

Analytic overlay and live people counter allow built-in tools for video analytics metadata visualization by creating people counting areas and tallying entry and exit to those areas.

VideoEdge NVRs now support H.265 streaming for efficient encoding in constrained environments, saving network bandwidth and storage costs. Further, NVR camera access permissions simplify the user interface by restricting camera access, effectively hiding cameras from operators who don’t need to see them.

victor and VideoEdge offer powerful command and control to seamlessly synchronize video surveillance with access control, fire, intrusion, and other systems into one powerful, intuitive interface and recording platform, allowing customers to manage their business more safely and intelligently.

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