Keyfactor and PrimeKey Partner to Enable Highly Scalable PKI for Modern Enterprise and IoT Deployments

Keyfactor Primekey

Keyfactor and PrimeKey announced a partnership and integration to simplify and automate PKI for large-scale enterprise and internet of things (IoT) deployments.

Enterprises today –and a growing number of connected device manufacturers– rely on PKI to enable digital security.

Enterprise security teams and IoT product developers issue trusted and unique identities necessary to protect sensitive data, ensure uptime and secure connections across cloud services and connected devices.

“Companies adopting complex multi-cloud infrastructure or managing high-volume IoT deployments are testing the limits of PKI,” said Kevin von Keyserling, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Keyfactor.

“Keyfactor’s certificate lifecycle management solution combined with PrimeKey’s powerful PKI backend delivers a simplified toolset to deploy and manage certificates, even at massive scale.”

PrimeKey delivers a uniquely scalable and flexible alternative to existing certificate authority (CA) software, providing turnkey PKI solutions for governments, financial institutions and thousands of global enterprises.

As a pioneer in open-source PKI, PrimeKey’s solutions address a range of digital identity use cases such as IoT, e-ID and e-Passports, as well as PKI migration and consolidation.

Enterprises today use a mix of public and private CAs to support PKI, yet ever-increasing certificate volumes are a challenge to manage across multiple CA-provided tools.

Using an API-based gateway, Keyfactor’s certificate management solution (Keyfactor Command) integrates with PrimeKey’s PKI (EJBCA Enterprise), providing end-to-end visibility and automation to all private and publicly issued certificates within a single, purpose-built platform.

Additionally, the integration between EJBCA Enterprise and Keyfactor’s end-to-end identity platform for connected devices (Keyfactor Control) makes it easy and affordable for IoT device manufacturers to embed trusted identity into their IoT products at design, and secure firmware and software updates through the device lifecycle.

“PrimeKey and Keyfactor share a mutual respect and mission to provide trust and security in zero-trust networks and manufacturing environments,” said Magnus Svenningson, chief executive officer at PrimeKey.

“Scalable certificate management, turnkey PKI deployment and robust APIs are critical to solve today’s complex and evolving PKI and IoT use cases. This partnership is a great DNA match and value-add for our shared customer base.”

Keyfactor empowers enterprises of all sizes to close their critical trust gap – when breaches, outages and failed audits from digital certificates and keys impact brand loyalty and the bottom line.

PrimeKey is one of the world’s leading companies for PKI and digital signature solutions and has developed successful products such as EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise, EJBCA Appliance and PrimeKey SEE.