Konica Minolta Partners with Scylla AI to Offer Visible Weapon Detection

Leverages AI to Protect Schools and Other Organizations

Konica Minolta announced a move to strengthen its business in the monitoring and video security solutions market with a solution designed to mitigate the threat of gun violence, through the deployment of a new Visible Weapon Detection (VWD) module within Konica Minolta’s REACT platform.

Konica Minolta’s REACT is a comprehensive, end-to-end platform that helps organizations analyze situations and behaviors, offering advanced on-site (edge-based) real-time recognition and judgment-based AI processing.

Situations through video surveillance and real-time alerts

The solution’s smart analytics provide more effective ways to defuse dangerous situations for clients through video surveillance and real-time alerts. With the REACT platform, clients can easily add other modules to their security portfolio, such as the new Visible Weapon Detection module, which leverages technology from Scylla AI, a computer vision company based in Austin, Texas.   

According to the Washington Post School Shootings Database, there have been 380 school shootings since 1999 (data as of May 1, 2023). As such, Konica Minolta’s VSS product development team recognized the urgent need for a detection solution. REACT – Visible Weapon Detection gives K-12 schools, higher education institutions and other organizations the ability to rapidly detect a potential threat and quickly share that information with their security teams and local law enforcement.

Working with Scylla AI, Konica Minolta developed an algorithm that can detect visible firearms. Integrated into the REACT platform with other AI and automation capabilities, the new module can help schools, government offices and other organizations provide an unparalleled level of safety and security that is not dependent on continuous in-person monitoring.

It allows:

  • Real-time incident notification – provides alerts in seconds
  • Protecting bystanders – with audio or mobile alerts
  • Sounding alarms – through automation, so the security team can investigate quickly
  • Facilitating communication – to law enforcement or to a linked public address system
  • Detection in low-light situations – when human eyes may be challenged
  • Securing facilities – when linked to door locks

The new REACT

The new REACT – Visible Weapon Detection module can work as a standalone solution or be integrated with the REACT platform, and offers algorithms that can be customized for each site.

“This new solution was specifically developed with K-12 schools in mind,” said Vijay Raghavan, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Emerging Businesses, Konica Minolta.

“There is a critical need for more effective security measures, and together with Scylla, Konica Minolta can equip schools and other organizations with a powerful tool that can detect and prevent dangerous situations before they can cause harm.”

“Scylla has not been active in the education market until now, and we’re excited to bring our state-of-the-art weapon detection to this market in the U.S.,” said Albert Stepanyan, CEO of Scylla AI.

“Together with Konica Minolta, we’re leveraging the latest in computer vision technology to prevent shooter situations and keep students safe.”

Better detection leads to better prevention, both companies emphasized, and time is critical in any dangerous situation.

“It’s the combination of high-resolution images and reliable cameras, plus AI-driven algorithms that will give organizations a safer and more secure environment,” continued Raghavan.

“REACT – Visible Weapon Detection primarily focuses on individuals who have a drawn weapon, and it can detect a weapon within a few seconds with a high level of accuracy. With this help from AI, security teams no longer need to rely solely on a human based manual process. The algorithm can be a key component of a comprehensive video security strategy for schools and other organizations.”

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Scylla offers a real-time physical threat detection solution. It utilizes AI and computer vision to detect objects, actions and behavior anomalies. The company’s mission is to empower the private security sector with next-gen AI solutions. With every new product, the people of Scylla AI strive to make safety more accessible to those who otherwise could not afford it. Scylla AI-powered solutions serve to improve every part of a client’s infrastructure and range from object detection, anomaly detection and behavior recognition, to thermal screening, intrusion detection and drone security. visit: scylla.ai/

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