LifeSafety Power Announces Mercury Security Breakthrough

LifeSafety Power® Inc., Mundelein, Ill., announced a breakthrough in connecting intelligent power management analytics to leading software manufacturers directly through Authentic Mercury Security hardware. End users can now obtain intelligent alerts and power solution testing natively through one single user interface with no additional hardware. This new functionality, part of the growing LifeSafety Power and Mercury Security partnership, brings proactive real-time reporting and delivers mission critical information on overall system health before it fails.

LSP’s patented proactive and analytics-based technology solution is supported through the Mercury EP controller product family. Mercury OEM partners now have the ability to access real-time data, including power system status into the controller for display through their specific graphical user interface.

“This truly enhances and expands the potential for systems integrators to offer remote power management to customers who will benefit from predictive analysis and detailed reporting on the health and well-being of their solutions,” said Joe Holland, Vice President of Engineering, LifeSafety Power. “Mercury Security and LifeSafety Power are long-time technology partners who see the intrinsic value this relationship brings to security.”

The LifeSafety Power interface is now embedded in the current line of Authentic Mercury EP controllers and will be standard in the company’s future products. The integration provides critical details on the power management system, enabling end-user customers and system installers to intelligently monitor and maintain their deployments. Additionally, the interface is based entirely on the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) protocol, which further demonstrates LifeSafety Power’s and Mercury Security’s commitment to driving open standards in the physical security industry.

“Before the new LifeSafety Power and Mercury product, an administrator would have to physically go around to check batteries and power supplies throughout their access control deployment. Intelligent power management embedded within the controller eliminates this work,” said Matt Barnette, President of Mercury Security. “Expanding our position as the leading provider of intelligent access control components, Mercury’s integration with LifeSafety Power’s intelligent power management solution is a big step forward for our multi-device integration strategy.”

LifeSafety Power has effectively shifted the paradigm of the power supply industry by creating a new category of intelligent power management solutions that provide robust, proactive analytics to mission-critical devices. This substantially adds to overall system health, performance and reliability.

This is the beginning of the rollout of other capabilities and functionality that will be added to the networked power category. For systems integrators leveraging the widely specified Mercury Security platform, this integration yields substantial value to the installing company and their specs.