March Networks is Redefining Cost -Effective Intelligent Video Solutions– Launches EL-Series NVR at Intersec Dubai

All the advanced Enterprise features of March Networks’ powerful video management platform and data analytics at an affordable cost

March Networks announces the launch of its Essential Line (EL) Network Video Recorders (NVRs) at Intersec Dubai.

The EL-Series represents an important strategic move by March Networks to offer customers a robust, full-featured video management solution and analytics platform that is both cost-effective and has advanced functionalities.

Tailored for multi-site businesses requiring up to 16 cameras per location, both EL models – the EL08 and EL16 – come fully licensed for all channels and do not require annual software maintenance fees.

It offers the ideal blend of value and performance for organizations looking to balance advanced video capabilities with budget considerations. 

“The EL-Series represents an important market expansion for March Networks, providing access to enterprise-class video surveillance and business intelligence solutions at a budget-friendly price point,” said Peter Strom, CEO of March Networks.

“With this launch, we’re not only addressing the essential needs of our customers but also empowering them with our advanced software capabilities. Fully compatible with our Cloud Suite of products and services, the EL-Series allows customers the flexibility to implement a cloud-based system, or a traditional on-premise deployment.”  

Customers with multiple sites no longer have to choose between higher-cost, true enterprise systems with central management functionality or lower-priced systems that lack the operating efficiency they need. 

The EL NVRs are compatible with March Networks’ Command Enterprise VMS software and are integrated with Searchlight Cloud for robust central management and advanced data analytics.

Through March Networks’ suite of cloud-based intelligent video solutions and advanced data integrations with Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems, ATMs, and other 3rd party data sources, customers benefit from secure, automated, real-time management of video data and business intelligence functionality, improving efficiency and enabling businesses to spend more time focusing on improving the customer experience.  

“We chose to announce at Intersec Dubai to align with the trade show’s tradition of showcasing innovative security products to a diverse, international audience, and to highlight the EL’s global appeal,” continued Strom. 

Key Features of the EL-Series NVR:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: The EL-Series has a lower price point for enterprise functionality and enables advanced centralized management and data analytics capabilities without needing additional camera licenses or a Software Maintenance Agreement. This series leverages Power over Ethernet (PoE), minimizing installation and service costs while maximizing operational efficiency.   
  • Cloud or On-Premise: The EL NVRs are optimized to be part of the complete March Networks Cloud Suite for customers looking for Cloud-managed video surveillance, but can also run as a traditional on-premise video system for customers looking to keep their video in-house. 
  • Centralized Management: The EL-Series works with all of the leading March Networks’ video management software, including Command Enterprise Server and Command Client, as well as providing a complete web client and the Command Mobile Plus app for iOS and Android. The recorders can also support Insight System Monitoring, Cloud Video Storage and Cloud Evidence Vault sharing. It allows for real-time monitoring and efficient management of security devices from a central location, improving response times and reducing the operating costs of managing multiple systems.  
  • Advanced Data Analytics: Through integration with March Networks’ Searchlight and Searchlight Cloud platforms, the EL-Series is a conduit for valuable real-time AI analytic metadata. This integration transforms traditional video surveillance into a tool for business intelligence, optimizing operational efficiency, reducing loss, and enhancing the customer experience. 
  • Security and Compliance: With a hardened Linux Operating System, the EL-Series is cyber-secure with end-to-end encryption and NDAA compliance, ensuring a secure and reliable video management solution. 

The EL-Series uniquely balances affordability with advanced features, effectively overcoming the challenge of high-cost surveillance systems while maintaining robust central management and analytics capabilities. 

March Networks is leading the future of intelligent video, transforming enterprise video into actionable business intelligence. Globally recognized for deep expertise in video security and data analytics, empower organizations to enhance operational efficiency, security, and profitability. visit

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