MicroPower Technologies Selected As Winner Of 2014 American Technology Award


MicroPower Technologies, an award-winning provider of surveillance solutions optimized for rapid, cost-effective deployment, announced that it was selected as the winner in the American Technology Awards (ATAs) Green Technology category. Sponsored by TechAmerica, the ATAs honored 15 products and services out of 100 entries as category winners.

The awards were announced at the ATA Showcase last week in Washington, and winners will be honored in June during a gala evening at the Ronald Reagan Building.

MicroPower’s solar-powered, wireless cameras offer an environmentally sustainable and low-maintenance surveillance solution that consumes much less power than traditional systems. It also can be deployed and operated for a fraction of the capital and operating cost expected with comparable video surveillance platforms.

The cameras use ½ watt of power to transmit streaming video from ½ to two miles without the need to trench for cabling requirements – thus reducing the need for additional infrastructure and minimizing environmental impact.

In remote locations, such as electrical power substations, the system’s design allows users to create a video local-area network. This approach enables users to transmit video only upon an alarm or an event.

MicroPower’s systems provide a solution to an important dilemma: how to evolve technologically while remaining environmentally conscious. A growing number of large institutions that consume massive amounts of energy currently seek out ways to reduce their environmental footprint.

Since 2008, MicroPower has invested in extensive research and development to use the existing concepts of solar technology, wireless networking and power reduction to make its surveillance system highly reliable and scalable.

Source: marketwatch.com