New Immediate Active Shooter Response System

Intruder Defense Services, LLC (IDS) announces the release of Guard Safe™. Guard Safe allows existing staff the ability to respond pro-actively and quickly to an attack by an armed intruder.

Research shows the average response time for law enforcement to arrive on scene in the U.S. is nearly eight minutes. In outlying or congested areas this time can be significantly longer. This time lapse between onset of an active shooter event and the arrival of police leaves a building and its inhabitants vulnerable for too long. Guard Safe provides a means of defense for building occupants when all other security measures have failed and law enforcement has not responded yet.

Guard Safe is a combination of Rapid Deployment training (used by law enforcement in active shooter situations), access control to the defensive security equipment and a less-than-lethal air launching device. The system can be activated in less than one minute allowing a quick on-site response. Clients receive thorough, focused tactical training created by law enforcement professionals that teaches them how to strategically respond to an attack with the Guard Safe equipment.

The launching device is designed to work to a distance of up to 150 feet. Oleoresin Capsaicin (O.C.) balls are shot via air pressure and release, upon impact, a micro fine powder producing an area of effect, meaning responders only need to strike surfaces adjacent to the shooter to be effective. This powder is a FDA approved food product that severely irritates the eyes, nose, mouth, and throat causing tears, heavy mucous, pain, temporary blindness, and difficulty breathing.

An ancillary benefit of O.C. rounds is they are non-lethal which means collateral damage and targeting concerns inherent in shooting firearms in an indoor setting is eliminated. While the effects of the O.C. is temporarily incapacitating, allowing time for law enforcement to arrive, the duration time to recovery is relatively short.

Founder and CEO Douglas Frenk said, “There has never been a time when people were more concerned for the safety of their families and rightly so. Armed violence has seen a significant increase in recent years. We have to do more than lock down our schools and hope for the best.” Research shows most active shooter events are over before police can respond. In approximately 1/3 of the school cases we studied, we found that staff had intervened to stop an event without proper training or tools, many times resulting in a dire outcome. Guard Safe™ gives schools and businesses a defensive measure without the associated high cost of security guards and the liability of firearms on premise.

According to former Attorney General Eric Holder “Since 2009, the annual average of active shooter incidents during the previous eight years has tripled. In the last four years, there has been a nearly 150 percent increase in the number of people shot and killed in connection with active shooter incidents.”