NUUO Crystal Launches New Release With Recording Failover

nuuo crystal recording failover

NUUO Inc. has launched the anticipated version 2.1 release of its flagship enterprise VMS solution – NUUO Crystal™. With major enhancements
like recording failover and additional features such as compatibility with NUUO
A08 I/O box and improved system event monitoring, NUUO Crystal is expected to
become the ideal choice for enterprise level VMS needs.

Recording failover is a highly sought product feature that not only brings
additional safety measures to ensure continuous recording, but also ensures
downtime is kept to a minimum and availability is maintained high.

In the latest 2.1 release, customers will be able to enjoy recording failover function at no additional license cost. Setting up recording failover is as simple as designate the target server and then activate the service. Using the most flexible N + M failover type, multiple servers can all be covered in an event of multi-server failure scenario.

Recently, the award winner at ISC West in the category of Video Surveillance
Management Systems, NUUO Crystal represents NUUO’s latest vision in reliable and powerful VMS. This award winning VMS will be featured at IFSEC UK.