Olarm, The Smartest Peel & Stick Home Alarm System, Kicks Off On Kickstarter

Olarm —a customizable, simple and cost-effective home security alarm system, packing seven capabilities into a single device— is now available on Kickstarter.

Using easy-to-install multi-functional sensors and a mobile app, this new system allows users to detect motion, smoke, temperature changes and more – through a free self-monitoring option or subscription based professional monitoring services

Olarm is a revolutionary next generation home security system that’s powered by an all-in-one “peel and stick” O-ring smart sensor that connects to mobile devices through a brain/hub and activates multi-purpose functionalities such as – door/window sensor, motion sensor, water leak, temperature/humidity, and smoke detector.

“For the past two years, our R&D team has been working on developing the smartest, most reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use ‘all-in-one’ alarm system,” said Olarm Founder and CEO Joe Faltaous. “It is the only alarm system that learns your lifestyle and adapts to it. Olarm is a patent pending new industry-disruptive technology that will change the way homeowners think about home security systems.”

With Olarm, users eliminate the need for professional installation or hard wiring, since the whole system can be installed and setup in minutes. Thanks to an intuitive mobile app, users are guided through the process so that anyone can set up Olarm security system quickly and easily.

Users can choose a free monitoring option, which includes self-monitoring and/or authorizing a family member or friend to receive Olarm’s notifications while they are away from home, or users can opt-in to use the company’s professional monitoring service, 24/7 surveillance monitoring for only $10 a month for more peace of mind.

“We are originally a security service provider and a licensed commercial monitoring company, so we wanted to offer professional monitoring as a monthly add-on service, but unlike the excessively-overpriced plans offered by existing providers,” added Faltaous.

Those who already own some smart home devices (e.g. smart door locks, cameras, smart light control, etc.) can easily integrate them with Olarm.

The company has made Olarm compatible with the majority of the existing home automation and security devices (e.g. Nest, Arlo, Phillips Hue and August DoorSense) – giving users the ease of controlling and monitoring their homes from one place.

Olarm is a patent pending revolutionary third generation home security system. Powered by an all-in-one “peel and stick” smart sensor that connects to your mobile device through a brain/hub and activates multipurpose functionalities.

Source: olarm.com