Omnigo Software Introduces Guard Tour For Security Professionals At GSX

Omnigo Guard Tour improves efficiency, mitigates liability, and increases accountability for security teams around the country, saving significant time and expense.

Omnigo Software has unveiled Omnigo Guard Tour, a new, groundbreaking and cost-efficient application that ensures security teams on active duty are able to check and secure checkpoints and easily report on their findings.

Omnigo Guard Tour is a proof-of-presence application used for scheduling, tracking, and analyzing user activity, patrols, inspections, and more during a security team’s time in the field.

Monitoring numerous checkpoints has historically been challenging for security teams, but with implementation of Omnigo Guard Tour, security teams will now alleviate liability with scheduled check-ins, protect vulnerable assets, such as vaults and vital equipment, and create the need for regulated security checks.

“We are proud to introduce the Guard Tour application as part of our security product offerings and services,” said Bobby Robertson, CEO of Omnigo Software.

“Upon implementation, this mobile application increases accountability and productivity through its ability to document incidents, non-compliance occurrences, and completed actions from the field, all with mobile integration that keeps officers moving and allows them to cover more area in less time.”

The application can track security officer activity with unique guard IDs and proof-of-presence technologies that automatically note tasks completed at designed checkpoints by recording the time, date and location. Following that, the system prompts officers to complete required, location-based actions and generates an automatic entry into the Omnigo Incident Reporting platform.

Omnigo Guard Tour is supported on Android and iOS devices, and is designed to function both online and offline, even when a network connection is not available. This flexibility allows real-time documentation of activities, no matter the environment.