OnSSI Introduces New RecOn5 Series Pre-loaded NVRs And Servers At ISC West 2018

OnSSI is expanding its portfolio of VMS solutions with the introduction of the new RecOn5 integrated Pre-loaded NVRs and Servers here at ISC West 2018 (booth #13074).

The new RecOn5 NVRs are pre-loaded with Ocularis NVR software for stand-alone operation, and the new RecOn5 Pre-loaded Servers are designed for easy expansion of existing Ocularis VMS installations.

The RecOn5 Pre-loaded NVRs and Servers are available in 32, 64 and 128 camera configurations in desktop and rackmount models with HDD capacities of 8 to 40TB for desktop models and 8 to 80TB for rackmount models.

RecOn5 NVRs include eight camera licenses, with additional licenses available in four-packs. They provide an easy and cost-effective turnkey solution that is ideal for stand-alone single server solutions.

RecOn5 Servers have the latest version of Ocularis pre-installed for fast and seamless integration with existing Ocularis systems.

This allows surveillance systems running Ocularis Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate to be easily expanded simply by purchasing the respective camera licenses they need for deployment on a certified OnSSI hardware solution.

“Our new Pre-loaded NVRs and Server solutions deliver higher levels of performance than any other products in their category, as well as ease of deployment, scalability, exceptional speed, efficiency and cost savings,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales and Marketing, OnSSI.

“RecOn5 provides end users and channel partners with added confidence, knowing that these solutions are guaranteed by OnSSI to meet specification, ensuring they will perform as expected even for the most demanding deployments.”

All RecOn5 Pre-loaded NVRs and Servers feature the proven performance and reliability of Seagate Skyhawk surveillance grade, removable HDDs. Rackmount models also offer optional RAID backup recording.

Key RecOn5 Pre-loaded NVR features include TLS 1.2 support, HTTPS and AES encryption, multi-streaming for bandwidth efficiencies, automatic recorder patch update service, Smart Camera Drivers, H.265/264, MJPEG & MPEG4 support, alarm and PTZ support, automatic HDD load balancing, Web and Mobile Client support, no device registration or MAC address requirements and optional StayCURRENT upgrade plans.

RecOn5 Pre-loaded Servers support all features available in Ocularis Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.

OnSSI was founded in 2002 with the goal of developing comprehensive and intelligent IP video surveillance management software.

Source: onssi.com