ONVIF Plugfests Continue To Build Momentum


ONVIF recently conducted its 9th Developers’ Plugfest in late September, the second largest such event, this plugfest drew more than 60 individuals representing 29 ONVIF member companies that have implemented the ONVIF specification in their IP-based physical security products. Held in San Diego, California, USA, the three-day event featured more than 3000 hours of product testing and assessment of ONVIF Profiles S for video and audio streaming, Profile G for recording and playback, as well as for devices using a combination of the two Profiles.

“With Profile G nearing its final release, interest is ramping up among developers who brought several Profile G-related test devices to the plugfest,” said Canon’s Takahiro Iwasaki, Chairman of the Taskforce – Developers’ Plugfest, part of ONVIF’s Technical Services Committee.

“ONVIF’s Developers’ Plugfests continue to serve as a great opportunity for companies to bring their products for testing in a trusted, supportive environment.” Following on a process begun at a plugfest in Italy last March, participants conducted User Scenario Testing, which allowed a client — connected with multiple devices such as a video management system, NVR and/or IP camera — to verify its ONVIF interoperability based on end-user scenarios.

The next ONVIF Developers’ Plugfest is scheduled to take place in Japan in February. As of October 2013, ONVIF membership had grown to more than 470 companies with nearly 2,100 Profile S conformant products available to the market.

Source: securityworldhotel.com