ONVIF Reflects On 2018 Activities In 10th Annual Meeting

ONVIF®, the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products held its annual membership meeting in early November, with an overview of important activities of 2018 and perspective on the year ahead. Attendees heard presentations on the final release of Profile T in 2018, an advancement which represents how ONVIF keeps pace with technological advancements that affect product development and interoperability between IP-based physical security products.

ONVIF Hosts 17th Annual Developers’ Plugfest

ONVIF® hosted its 17th ONVIF Developers’ Plugfest in early November in Seoul, South Korea – the group’s second largest plugfest ever and the largest in the past five years. With multiple testings of ONVIF conformant products, the Developers’ Plugfest included interoperability testing for all six ONVIF profiles, including prototypes for the Release Candidate of Profile T for advanced streaming.

ONVIF Hosts 14th Developers’ Plugfest In London

ONVIF®, the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, hosted its 14th Developers’ Plugfest June 1-3 in Brentford, West London, at the Holiday Inn London – Brentford Lock. With multiple testings of ONVIF conformant products, the Developers’ Plugfest included interoperability testing for all six ONVIF profiles, including Profiles Q and A, which are both scheduled for final release in 2016, and Profile T, ONVIF’s newest profile for video that is currently in development.

ONVIF Releases Profile G For Video Storage And Recording

ONVIF, the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, announced the release of ONVIF Profile G, the specification that encompasses on-board video storage, searching, retrieval capabilities and media playback. Profile G was created to further refine the interoperability between live video and video storage. It covers cameras, encoders, and network video recorder (NVR) […]

ONVIF Debuts Profile C For Access Control, Demonstrates Profile S At First-Ever ISC West Booth

ONVIF, the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, announced today plans for its first-ever exhibit at ISC West, scheduled for April 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. At Booth 23135 in the New Exhibitor Pavilion, ONVIF will display the recently released Profile C, which extends the functionality of the ONVIF global interface specification […]

ONVIF Introduces New Observer Level Membership

ONVIF is adding a new membership level to its membership structure called the Observer level, which encompasses consultants, systems architects and engineers and members of the media. The addition of the Observer level membership grants these individuals certain benefits within ONVIF, key among them the opportunity to access network interface specification test tools to become more familiar with the ONVIF interface without participating at the same level as a manufacturer.  Observer members will be able to independently test products to determine their conformance with ONVIF Profiles to better enable consultants, engineers and media to impartially evaluate different products. “We recognise the importance of making ONVIF as inclusive as possible to those wishing to participate in the conformance verification process,” said Per Bjorkdahl, Chairman of ONVIF’s Steering Committee. “Through the addition of this fourth membership level, we are granting more individuals access to ONVIF’s test tools and empowering them to independently authenticate Profile conformance on products they wish to present to their clients or readers.” There are more than 2,700 ONVIF-conformant products on the market covering Profile S for video and audio streaming, and the recent release of Profile C for physical access control enables manufacturers to claim conformance for Profile C conformant products. ONVIF currently has three other membership levels to accommodate individual levels of participation: user member, contributing member and full member. Full and contributing members can actively influence the development of the standard by participating in the work of the forum. The user member level is open […]

The Road To Interoperability With ONVIF

By Kirsty McMahon on February 19, 2014 Guest article by Scott Hudson, V ice-Chairman of the Technical Services Committee for ONVIF. Within the security market, hybrid environments are becoming more and more common. With a myriad of products from different manufacturers, wouldn’t it be nice, with little or no effort, to have these products work seamlessly with one another — a true plug-and-play scenario? Standards-based interfaces, such as those offered through ONVIF, the open industry forum for IP-based physical security products, have addressed the issue of interoperability among products at a basic level. While true plug-and-play capabilities can be difficult to achieve across multiple manufacturers, ONVIF addresses this interoperability through the definition of compatible specifications known as Profiles. At a minimum, certain functionalities must be supported for conformance with ONVIF’s profiles for video management, recording and access control. For example, Profile S for video streaming specifies how to stream video using RTSP, while Profile G for video recording specifies how to configure and start a recording. The specific details are defined in each respective Profile Specification available from the ONVIF site. While ONVIF provides a common definition that all of these conformant devices must follow, the challenge has been that while products may be in conformance with a profile, there can be some latitude in the extent to which various products achieve that conformance. Complying with the profile puts everyone on equal footing, but levels of performance may vary from meeting the minimum requirements to well exceeding it. So […]

ONVIF Plugfests Continue To Build Momentum

23-11-2013 ONVIF recently conducted its 9th Developers’ Plugfest in late September, the second largest such event, this plugfest drew more than 60 individuals representing 29 ONVIF member companies that have implemented the ONVIF specification in their IP-based physical security products. Held in San Diego, California, USA, the three-day event featured more than 3000 hours of product testing and assessment of ONVIF Profiles S for video and audio streaming, Profile G for recording and playback, as well as for devices using a combination of the two Profiles. “With Profile G nearing its final release, interest is ramping up among developers who brought several Profile G-related test devices to the plugfest,” said Canon’s Takahiro Iwasaki, Chairman of the Taskforce – Developers’ Plugfest, part of ONVIF’s Technical Services Committee. “ONVIF’s Developers’ Plugfests continue to serve as a great opportunity for companies to bring their products for testing in a trusted, supportive environment.” Following on a process begun at a plugfest in Italy last March, participants conducted User Scenario Testing, which allowed a client — connected with multiple devices such as a video management system, NVR and/or IP camera — to verify its ONVIF interoperability based on end-user scenarios. The next ONVIF Developers’ Plugfest is scheduled to take place in Japan in February. As of October 2013, ONVIF membership had grown to more than 470 companies with nearly 2,100 Profile S conformant products available to the market. Print   |   Email   | Download the SecurityWorldHotel Year Book