Phybridge To Partner With IP-Camera And Surveillance Provide CCTV-to-IP Switch Innovation

There are tens of millions of analog cameras globally that need to be upgraded to IP-Cameras and the Phybridge family of switches makes the migration quick, easy, low cost and risk free. The Phybridge IP-Camera enabling switches are designed to transform the existing coax infrastructure into an IP path with power with 2,000 ft reach.

These switches are based on Phybridge’s proven PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) technology. These switches eliminate all the barriers and complexities associated with IP-Camera migration and provide the ideal platform for businesses looking to make the move to IP. The EC (Ethernet over Coax) and CLEER (Coax Leveraged Ethernet Extended Reach) switch families are specifically designed for IP enabling the coax infrastructure with many options to suit all customers.

“Robustness and ease of use are at the core of everything we design here,” said Oliver Emmanuel, President and Founder of Phybridge Inc. “In order to create robust technology that is simple to configure, deploy and manage, we had to overcome complex technological challenges while integrating many networking innovations into our products.”

“We believe the best strategy for us is to partner with existing providers that have an existing customer base wanting to migrate to IP-Cameras,” said John Croce, CEO at Phybridge. “Concept units will be available in December 2013 and we are looking to announce our partnerships early in the New Year.” […]


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