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Vigitron Releases Vi35136 Hybrid Core Network Switch

Vigitron announces the release of their Vi35136 Hybrid Network Cord Switch. The Vi35136 has 8 copper 1G ports, 24, 1G fiber ports, and 4, 1G/2.5G/10G fiber ports meeting all networking core requirements. When combined with Vigitron’s wide offering of network switches resulting configurations can be designed to meet the most demanding system requirements. A wide 114Gbps fabric assures the highest MP will be transmitted. Dual backup power provides operational security allow with individual port surge protection.

Interlogix Introduces New Network Video Recorder And Touchscreen Network Switch

Interlogix introduced its TruVision® NVR 71, a high-capacity H.265 high-definition recorder for larger internet protocol-based video surveillance solutions and an advanced touchscreen network management switch. Both are being showcased April 11-13 booth #18019. The new TruVision recorder is ideal for large commercial applications offering up to 576 Mbps of incoming camera bandwidth supporting up to 128 IP camera channels. Its 96TB of embedded storage – in RAID or non-RAID configurations – accommodates high resolution or long-term video storage needs. The recorder’s H.265 video compression standard reduces network bandwidth and storage requirements.

TRENDnet 18-Port PoE Switch Product Review

TRENDnet has recently introduced a new network switch that is specifically geared for the video surveillance market. The new TPE-3018L has 16 dedicated PoE+ ports for cameras and two separate uplink ports for network and NVR connectivity. Users are able to connect all 16 IP-cameras to the switch, while still providing two uplink ports for dedicated connections to your network, NVR, and / or NAS devices. This is a Layer-2, unmanaged, switch with a 36-Gigabit backplane. This backplane allows for each port to provide full bandwidth without dropping packets and reducing performance.

BCDVideo Leads With HP Networking for the Video Market

Partnering with HP Networking has enabled BCDVideo to offer a wide selection of networking products and capabilities – from inexpensive Power-over-Ethernet (POE) switches for smaller video surveillance projects all the way up to enterprise chassis based network switches. The HP Network architecture brings consistent and open standards-based networking to deliver performance to both enterprise surveillance networks and smaller venues.

Versatile Enterprise Network Appliance High-Port Density, PoE Protocol and Firewall/UTM

Lanner unveils its versatile enterprise network platform – UP-2010, a comprehensive solution with rich port density, PoE capability, and security instructions. In a business network infrastructure, whether it is a network switch, a PoE extension router, or a firewall, UP-2010 can manage all these tasks.

A Cat5e Wall Box Switch With Secure Offline Position for Video Surveillance Networks

The Model 7190 is a Cat5e RJ45 Wall mount Switch designed for IP-camera networks with an Offline position to isolate data from the network to block intruders. Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) adds Model 7190 RJ45 Online/Offline Double Gang Wallbox Switch to their Network Switch product line. This Cat5e compliant switch was designed for secure surveillance/IP-camera monitoring.

BCDvideo Showcases HP 24-Port PoE Switch For IP Networks

This fully powered 365-Watt, 24-port PoE network switch manufactured by HP boasts an advanced hardware replacement lifetime warranty. BCDVideo highlights this product as a cost-effective solution for any IP video surveillance project. Features Include: • Customized operation using intuitive Web interface • Layer 3 static routing with 32 routes for network segmentation & expansion • […]

Surveillance Market Proves Lucrative For Ethernet Switch Producers

With a maturing IT industry becoming ever more consolidated, manufacturers of Ethernet switches are looking for new market segments to diversify. Recent market reports and trends point to the video surveillance industry as a potentially lucrative answer. A prolonged migration from analogue to network video surveillance equipment and the continued worldwide expansion in the use […]

Focus On The Network: Converting Analog To IP

Etherstretch™ is Nitek’s trademark technology that extends IP communications over existing analog cabling infrastructure. IP based cameras and megapixel technology is rapidly becoming the norm and their deployment is greatly increasing in the video security market. One of the biggest hurdles we face with IP-camera installation is the cost associated with infrastructure to support such […]

IMS: Ethernet Switch Manufacturers Move Into Video Surveillance Market

With a maturing IT industry becoming ever more consolidated, manufacturers of Ethernet switches are looking for new market segments to diversify. A recent report from IHS points to the video surveillance industry as a potentially lucrative answer. A prolonged migration from analog to network video surveillance equipment and the continued worldwide expansion in the use […]

How To Choose The Best Network Switch For IP Surveillance

Detektor Security Academy is an educational concept in which Detektor Magazine, together with selected security technology leaders, have cooperated to produce, distribute, and promote essential information about the opportunities that today’s security technology can offer. How to choose a suitable network switch for IP surveillance systems. First, focus on backbone full wired speed, PoE capability, […]

Phybridge To Partner With IP-Camera And Surveillance Provide CCTV-to-IP Switch Innovation

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO (PRWEB) November 27, 2013 There are tens of millions of analog cameras globally that need to be upgraded to IP Cameras and the Phybridge family of switches makes the migration quick, easy, low cost and risk free. The Phybridge IP Camera enabling switches are designed to transform the existing coax infrastructure into an IP path with power with 2,000 ft reach. These switches are based on Phybridge’s proven PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) technology. These switches eliminate all the barriers and complexities associated with IP Camera migration and provide the ideal platform for businesses looking to make the move to IP. The EC (Ethernet over Coax) and CLEER (Coax Leveraged Ethernet Extended Reach) switch families are specifically designed for IP enabling the coax infrastructure with many options to suit all customers. “Robustness and ease of use are at the core of everything we design here,” said Oliver Emmanuel, President and Founder of Phybridge Inc. “In order to create robust technology that is simple to configure, deploy and manage, we had to overcome complex technological challenges while integrating many networking innovations into our products.” SWITCH FEATURES “We believe the best strategy for us is to partner with existing providers that have an existing customer base wanting to migrate to IP Cameras,” said John Croce, CEO at Phybridge. “Concept units will be available in December 2013 and we are looking to announce our partnerships early in the New Year.” Please contact John Croce at john(dot)croce(at)phybridge(dot)com or call (888) […]