Powerful Integration and Flexibility with Redesigned BEST Wi-Q Technology

WiQ Controller

Facility administrators can now manage thousands of access credentials to their heavy use doorways from a smart, secure, centralized platform.

BEST’s updated Wi-Q Technology Wireless Access Solution has been integrated with Mercury, opening the door for dozens of integrations through Mercury Panels. It also includes a portal gateway housing redesigned to look like an everyday Wi-Fi router to help reduce tampering by allowing it to hide in plain sight.

“Wi-Q has long been a smart choice for adding access control without running wires,” said Edward Horst, Product Manager.

“We’ve kept all the high performance features our customers expect and made Wi-Q Mercury-enabled, so it integrates with an ever-expanding list of integrated software platforms to work with locks.”

The Wi-Q Wireless Technology solution is integrated with RS2 Technologies, a Platinum Elite Partner with Mercury Security and leading manufacturer of access control software.

The RS2 platform features cutting edge security and provides a hardened access control infrastructure capable of using the most sophisticated access control technologies available. Its suite of access control products offers a solution right for organizations of all sizes. Additional features like email notifications and a web client allow users to control and monitor their facility from anywhere.

“The RS2 integration has laid the groundwork to grow the list of partners who will work with Wi-Q,” said Horst.

“This fast, reliable security solution brings intelligent power to access control needs with an overall design that enables scalability based on changing security and access needs.”

Wi-Q’s new overall design enables upgradability and scalability to go from simple to extremely complex with ease.

  • Exceptional user interface. Powered with a combination of secure portal gateways and wireless access controllers. All data flows through the portal gateway to the host’s access control system for easy monitoring.
  • Integrated components. All components—electronic locks, card readers, door position switches, request-to-exit switches and door control switches—in one integrated device that then connects wirelessly to a remote portal.
  • Wireless management. Wireless access management via its integration with Mercury access control systems.
  • Decision-making at the door. Access decisions occur at the door even during power outages.
  • Easily scalable. Use the platform for up to 64 locks per portal gateway, with up to 14,000 credentials per lock.
  • Efficient power use. Locks are fast, reliable, and use less power than other similar devices.
  • Fast installation. The controller allows quick installation even in hard-to-wire or retrofit applications. Because no wiring or terminations are needed and all components are integrated into one device, the Wi-Q Series requires only one to two hours total installation time.

Wi-Q powers wireless integration and flexibility using a combination of secure portal gateways and wireless access controllers. Its Portal Gateway links Wi-Q locks to access control systems.

Wireless Access Controllers enable existing hardwired entries such as turnstiles, entry gates or reader-controlled doors to be retrofit to the system. All data flows through the portal gateway to a host access control system for easy monitoring.

BEST pioneered the development of the small format interchangeable core and sets the standard for door hardware.

Source: bestaccess.com