ProdataKey Introduces “touch io” Bluetooth Reader for Use with Smartphones

Prodata touch io

ProdataKey (PDK) announces the introduction of “touch io”, a new Bluetooth reader and credentialing option for smartphones designed for use with the company’s cloud-based access control solution, pdk io.

Touch io brings new levels of convenience and security for the communication between smart phones and access control door readers, eliminating the need for cards or fobs. Unlike other systems, touch io does not require the user to unlock the phone, or to even remove it from pocket or purse, in order to gain access through a protected door.

The individual’s identity is validated through communication directly between his or her credentialed device and the reader, via Bluetooth, bypassing the need for internet or cellular connectivity.

This can occur from distances as far as 30 feet away, as defined by the customer. By the time the user reaches the door and indicates an intent to enter, by simply touching or tapping a hand to the reader, door activation is immediate and seamless. A combination of machine-learning algorithms that learn door opening patterns, combined with directional antennae placed on each side of controlled doorways, ensure that credentials are not inadvertently validated when employees pass in proximity to the doors from the unlocked side.

Compared to traditional RFID proximity cards, as well as to more high-tech 13MHz contactless smart cards, PDK’s mobile credentials offer superior security on many fronts. Touch io credentials are impossible to clone, each possessing a randomly-generated, unique ID, are authenticated by the Bluetooth reader at each use, and employ a session-unique encryption key for communication with the reader.

Furthermore, if a phone is lost or stolen, its owner can immediately deactivate the credential by remotely wiping the phone with a tool like “Find My Phone,” a precaution he or she is likely to take out of concern for other personal data also stored on the device.

By contrast, if a wallet or keys are lost that contain a card or fob, the credential remains active until the company’s system administrator is notified of the loss – which may sometimes take days.

The touch io reader is compatible with legacy systems, capable of reading traditional proximity cards. Mobile credentialing is available as part of the pdk io affordable system licensing plan, offering users an unlimited number of credentials for a low, per reader, annual subscription.

System administrator can easily generate and assign these to employees with just a few clicks from within the pdk io software management interface.

Josh Perry, Chief Technology Officer at PDK, explains, “Until now, the access control market has been filled with Bluetooth mobile credentialing options that offer an inferior customer experience to traditional RFID cards which are, quite frankly, reliable and convenient.

With PDK’s touch io, we are redefining the category, making the use of smartphones both more convenient and more secure than traditional methods. It’s the latest example of how our corporate commitment to innovation is bringing a litany of tangible benefits to the security professionals, system administrators and the employees who use our systems every day.

ProdataKey will be demonstrating touch io at ISC West, booth 15121.