ProdataKey Software Platform Introduces Built-In Integrations with Leading Camera Manufacturers

ProdataKey now gives system users access to immediate, turnkey integrations with cameras from five manufacturers from within its settings interface: Digital Watchdog, Hanwha Wisenet Wave, NX Witness, Turing, and Spot AI.

As of today, when users log into their cloud platform, they may pull up installed cameras from any of the five partnering manufacturers and use a simple dropdown menu to associate them with PDK-controlled doors. will automatically begin associating bookmarked video clips with each logged access control event, with no programming necessary.

The interface also includes toggle switches to create soft triggers that unlock and lock associated doors. This new feature eliminates downloading and setting up drivers for camera integrations, creating a fully turnkey solution. PDK plans to add many additional partners within the Integrations Tab over time. Ultimately, PDK’s Integration’s Tab will become the default method for users to implement all integrations.

Brach Bengtzen, VP of Marketing at ProdataKey, explains,

“This enhancement of our settings interface represents another way in which PDK strives to be the most user-friendly, partner-centric access control solution on the market. Today’s customers want to manage their many security solutions through a unified platform, and PDK now makes that possible from Day One with almost no time required for set-up. You just map your cameras to your doors within using the Integrations Tab, and you’re ready to go.”

See a demonstration of PDK’s new built-in integration tab at ISC West, booth 31053.


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