SAFR from RealNetworks Launches Version 3.8

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Featuring enhanced usability, easy SSL support, and updated enterprise capabilities

SAFR® from RealNetworks announced SAFR version 3.8. Available now, SAFR version 3.8 includes easy SSL support, updated enterprise capabilities, and enhanced usability. 

Operator Console Usability

SAFR’s AI-powered recognition with liveness detection quickly (within 0.3 seconds) and accurately verifies and displays the name of a matched person. In version 3.8, the SAFR Operator Console improves usability by adding a match association by color capability, additional anti-cluttering capability, and quick access to live camera feeds through the alerts panel. These upgraded capabilities allow the end-user to move more quickly through the SAFR dashboard.

SAFR's Version 3.8

SAFR’s 3.8 release adds the ability to conceal age and gender metadata from the live monitoring tools while continuing to utilize all available metadata when searching event history as part of a forensic investigation.

“Our latest release further enhances UI usability while supporting a wider array of deployment applications,” comments Steven McMillen, Senior Director of Solutions Engineering for SAFR.

“SAFR’s code is lightweight, allowing it to take advantage of advances in GPU technology to give users more parallel processing power.”

Easy SSL Support

Ensuring security is critical when working with data such as facial biometric signatures. SAFR has always made privacy and security a top priority. Securing data in transit is an important component of that security. SAFR 3.8 makes it even easier to set up secure SSL communication by removing the need to register an SSL CERT and associated domain by allowing unique self-signed CERTs to be generated per-deployment and used securely for client-to-server or server-to-server communication.

Enterprise Capabilities

SAFR 3.8 expands enterprise capabilities allowing for total control from a central server. Users can now manage all video feeds in one location as well as manage server configuration on all subsidiary servers, including event archive, identity sync, data retention, email, and SMS notifications.

Central control can be enabled or disabled and does not need to be universally granted. These expanded enterprise capabilities allow the user to view the status of all processors deployed on each connected server from any device including mobile devices.

SAFR is the world’s foremost facial recognition platform for live video intelligence. It taps the power of AI to help the world get back to work. visit

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