Security.World Partners with Syncomm Management Group to Deliver Physical Security Content to a Wider Audience

Security.World announced a new partnership with Syncomm Management Group, publisher of a portfolio of industry-leading publications. Through this partnership, Security.World’s audience of security professionals will be able to view additional content through Syncomm’s print and digital publications.

“We are excited to partner with Syncomm Management Group to reach a broader audience of security professionals with our valuable content,” said Jay Jason Bartlett, Managing Editor of Security.World.

“Syncomm’s publications are highly respected in the industry, and we believe that our partnership will provide even greater value to our combined readers.”

Security.World offers a variety of content, including news articles, product reviews, case studies, and white papers. The website is visited by nearly 20,000 security professionals each month.

Security.World is a trusted source of information for security professionals around the world.

Syncomm Management Group publishes a portfolio of industry-leading publications, including Watchman, Sentry, and Sentinel. Syncomm’s monthly publications are delivered to a combined printed circulation of over 7,000. Syncomm’s publications are known for their in-depth coverage of the security industry.

Advertisers will be able to cross-promote their products and services across Security.World’s website and Syncomm’s print and digital publications. This will give advertisers access to a wider audience of potential customers. Advertisers will also be able to benefit from the combined editorial expertise of Security.World and Syncomm.

This partnership grew through a relationship with Security.World managing editor Jay Jason Bartlett and SMG Consultant Paul Udell. It was through Udell’s vision and experience that drew the two entities together and will deliver a stronger product for both publications.

“We are pleased to partner with Security.World to provide our readers with access to their valuable content,” said Jerry Lenander, Founder and Director at Syncomm Management Group.

“This partnership will help us to continue to provide our readers with the most up-to-date information on the latest security products and trends.”

For more information on this partnership, please contact your Security.World or Syncomm representative.

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