Security.World’s Physical Security and Video Surveillance Market Influencers: 2017 Results


Security.World has tabulated the votes of the 2017 Physical Security And Video Surveillance Market Influencer Survey.

We asked the Security.World community who they thought had great insight into the physical security and video surveillance markets and who’s market advice needs to be followed?

CONGRATULATIONS To the 2017 Recipients!

Security.World will reach out to each of the Top 12 Industry Influencers and seek their thoughts and comments on our industry and where they see the future taking us. View their profile and read their detailed online interviews.

Zvika Ashani, Co-founded Agent Vi
Bill Bozeman, CPP, President and CEO PSA Security Network
Giorgio Bucci, Arteco
John Chigos, CEO, PlateSmart
Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Chief Technology Officer, Milestone Systems
Joe Grillo, Vanderbilt Industries
Mitchell Kane, President of Vanderbilt Industries
Itsik Kattan, CEO of Agent Video Intelligence
Rob Mossman, Chief Executive Officer of ISONAS Security Systems Inc.
Steve Reinharz, President and CEO, Robotic Assistance Devices
Scott Schafer, EVP, Arecont Vision
Kevin Wine, Vice President of Marketing for Verint