Shotpoint Gunshot Detection System Aids Investigators in Fatal Las Vegas Shooting

ShotPoint Fremont

Databuoy technology rapidly detects, locates, and provides video of gunshots

Databuoy announced that its Shotpoint gunshot detection and localization solution recently helped lead to the arrest of a man charged in a fatal shooting in Las Vegas. The shooting occurred at the popular Fremont Street Experience, a five-block pedestrian mall offering entertainment, restaurants, bars, and casinos.

On Aug. 4, an early morning argument ensued between two men, with one eventually pulling a gun and shooting the other several times. The wounded man ran a short distance before collapsing and being taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

16 Shotpoint sensors located along the mall provided the precise location

Within seconds of the first shot, the 16 Shotpoint sensors located along the mall provided the precise location and video –captured immediately before and after the shooting– to Mark Reddon, director of security, Fremont Street Experience. From his security operations center, Reddon shared the data with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police investigators, who used the video to identify a suspect, later arrested and charged with murder

“The Shotpoint system worked flawlessly, exactly as planned,” Reddon said.

“Shotpoint played a crucial role in the proper identification and arrest of the suspect. Although the system won’t stop shootings, it provides us with the almost instant information we need to take action.”

Nick Jones, chief development officer, Databuoy Corp., said Shotpoint’s sensitive digital technology quickly discerns gunshots from other loud noises in the boisterous Fremont Street Experience.

“Even with crowd noise and loud concerts, the Shotpoint sensors can detect the sound signature of a gunshot and notify security and/or first responders within seconds,” he said.

“As people become more aware of the technology and its capabilities, I can see it becoming a deterrent to crimes involving guns.”

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The Databuoy team spent years validating its sensor array technology at various indoor ranges, tunnels, and real-world environments. The technology accurately identifies gunshots while classifying and segregating other loud noises such as fireworks, vehicle backfires, popping balloons, or heavy machinery. Safe cities, schools, government facilities and many other locations across the country currently use Shotpoint technology.

“Shotpoint’s real-time information helps save lives and provides hard evidence for prosecutors to get gun use offenders off the streets,” said Kathleen Griggs, chief executive officer, Databuoy.


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