Southwest Microwave Introduces IP-Based Power over Ethernet Fence Detection System

Southwest Microwave POE with Devices

Southwest Microwave has expanded its suite of IP-based Power over Ethernet (POE) intelligent perimeter intrusion detection solutions with the INTREPID MicroPoint-POE-S Fence Detection System.

Ideal for fence applications with cut-or-climb intrusion risks, MicroPoint-POE-S employs proprietary digital signal processing algorithms to precisely locate intrusion attempts to within 1.1 m (3.6 ft.) while ignoring harmless disturbances caused by wind, rain or vehicle traffic.

MicroPoint-POE-S couples two decades of field-proven MicroPoint fence sensor performance with simplified, secure TCP/IP network integration via a single Ethernet cable for power and data transmission, delivering system installation and maintenance convenience, design flexibility and lower infrastructure costs.

“We recognized the need to expand our range of IP-based POE perimeter protection solutions to address our customers’ evolving site infrastructure requirements,” said Maira Zanrosso, Southwest Microwave’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

“Along with superior probability of detection and nuisance alarm rejection, MicroPoint-POE-S offers plug-and-deploy convenience, and seamlessly integrates with third-party networked security devices such as IP cameras, access control and lighting systems.”

Like all of Southwest Microwave’s advanced fence detection systems, MicroPoint-POE-S features Sensitivity Leveling, a unique calibration process that adjusts for variations in fence fabric or tension to deliver uniform detection along the protected fence line without the need for costly fence reconditioning.

Detection zones are assigned via web browser anywhere along the cable, regardless of processor location, reducing hardware costs and offering the flexibility to tailor zoning to a site’s unique requirements.

MicroPoint-POE-S can be networked with Southwest Microwave’s complete range of POE technologies, including INTREPID Model 334-POE-S, Model 336-POE and Model 316-POE (CE-rated) Digital Microwave Links.

Alarm monitoring is handled via Southwest Microwave’s server-based POE control module (CM-POE) or through an available no-cost SDK that simplifies high-level interface to third-party physical security information management or video management systems.

“This system’s inherent POE capabilities and IP connectivity for communications translate to measurable cost and time-savings benefits to both systems integrators and end users,” said Zanrosso.

“MicroPoint-POE-S maximizes the ability to mitigate intrusion risk, simplify security infrastructure and manage a sensor from any location by any authenticated PC or handheld device connected to the network.”

Southwest Microwave Introduces IP-Based Power over Ethernet Fence Detection System, Further Expanding Smart Sensor Product Family – p. 2

Key Features of Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID POE Sensors

IP/POE Convenience: Each INTREPID POE sensor operates as a secure element that seamlessly integrates with other IP/POE-based intrusion detection solutions for greater system design flexibility, reduced installation costs, decreased power consumption, and convenient local or remote monitoring and servicing.

Simplified Administration: The sensor features an on-board network server for set-up and control that supports multiple ports and sessions. Sensor configuration, alignment, and testing are handled using an embedded, browser-based Installation Setup Tool (IST), eliminating the need for software installation and simplifying device administration.

Remote Diagnostics: Through IP connectivity, operators can monitor and control system status, detection parameters, and alarm information via remote laptop or mobile device for easy troubleshooting or adjustment.

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Southwest Microwave Introduces IP-Based Power over Ethernet Fence Detection System, Further Expanding Smart Sensor Product Family – p. 3

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