Surveon Launches Milestone Certified EonServ 7000 Series For Wide Range Of Industries

Surveon Technology introduced its Milestone certified EonServ 7000 Series, which provides Milestone system integrators the best price-performance option for enterprise surveillance tenders.

With Milestone XProtect® Corporate VMS, the EonServ7000 Series supports up to 680 channel 2MP cameras with continuous recording and 436 HDDs with high density 4U 60-bay expansion enclosure, is the perfect surveillance NVR for a wide range of industries, including airport, factory, city and traffic, and commercial building, just to name a few.

Certified with Milestone XProtect Corporate:
With Milestone XProtect Corporate VMS, EonServ 7000 Series supports up to 680 CH @2MP / 570 CH @3MP / 360 CH @5MP cameras recording. In the Milestone test, the single CPU model of EonServ 7000 outperforms the competitors’ dual CPU models. This demonstrates the power of Surveon’s unique drive handling as well as the proprietary firmware/software integration capability.

EonServ 7000

High Throughput:
With a hardware design that adopts two Intel E5 8-core processors, EonServ 7000 Series can handle a great amount of I/O and file transfers even under high workloads and deliver a high level of recording throughput of over 3500 Mbps, ensuring cameras can record and be viewed reliably.

Robust Data Protection

Robust Data Protection:
Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) provides superior RAID protection and recovery, increasing integrity and system efficiency while preventing your data from errors and loss. Together with HDD S.M.A.R.T (self monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology), IDR offers smart media scan, which detects errors before they actually become a problem, and uses spare drives for copying and cloning data before a disk fail. With IDR, the video data can be retained under robust protection.

Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR)

The EonServ7000 Series comes in 2U12-bay or 3U16-bay form factors, and offers maximum storage capacity of 4 PB when combined with high density 4U60-bay expansion enclosures. Now Surveon is ready to accept the orders of EonServ7000 Series.

Surveon Technology offers end-to-end network video surveillance solutions that showcase our expertise in professional camera design, RAID NVR, high-availability video storage, embedded firmware and video management software.