Vivotek Releases Its Most Efficient Panoramic Network Camera

Vivotek’s MS9390-HV is the latest and most efficient of panoramic network camera offered in its surveillance product range. Through the use of two wide angle lenses, electronic image stitching, and high resolution sensors, the 8MP 180° MS9390-HV is in a new class all by itself. With its unique dual-sensor design, the MS9390-HV is able to maintain a higher vertical FOV than most traditional multi-sensor panoramic cameras using 4 sensors.

Ten Things To Know Before Implementing Multi-Sensor Camera Technology

Since their introduction over ten years ago, multi-sensor video surveillance cameras have proven to provide an excellent accompaniment to the traditional single-sensor video surveillance camera. Some background: Multi-Sensor video surveillance cameras do an outstanding job in helping customers to eliminate camera blind spots, reduce camera counts, reduce switch port usage, and reduce labor requirements for installation. 180° cameras provide visual benefits similar to taking a panoramic picture on your phone with the added bonus of moving images or frames. Other multi-sensor cameras can provide 360° using multiple images from a single vantage point.