BCDVideo Delivers New Avaya-Based Shortest Path Bridging Network Switches: And Why You Should Care

Some technical professionals may take offense to the following statement, but our technical tendency whenever a server/NVR starts to drop frames or “go black” is to start dropping camera resolutions, drop frame rates, or drop camera bitrates, and/or add more servers/NVRs. So little attention, historically, has been paid to the actual ‘network’ equipment in these network video recording solutions. Not so un-noticed, video surveillance puts such a tremendous load on I.P. networks (just ask the corporate network admin) and has been a major bottleneck component since the first network surveillance camera came online. Where typical corporate networks have been more plug-and-play in their usage, video surveillance pushes the geek level of network management to a much higher level of sophistication. If we are honest with ourselves, this intimidates many physical security/video surveillance professionals. To be fair, these security professionals are not computer networking experts. Trying to understand the impact RTSP has on a network or the importance of every frame making it from end-to-end has not been as important to some smaller installations. However, when keeping a video feed pumping with no interruption is important then it becomes vital to understand the network configurations.

Avaya Networking Ranks “Best in Show” for Video Surveillance at Maine’s Fryeburg Fair

Fryeburg Fair Charlotte’s “web” just got a whole lot faster at the Fryeburg Fair. The largest agricultural fair in the state of Maine –and the second-largest in New England– Fryeburg Fair is a staple in the community, serving more than 300,000 visitors the week of the event. As with any large-scale public event, Fryeburg Fair places a high priority on safety and security.

Pelco by Schneider Electric Strengthens Relationship With Avaya to Deliver IP Video Surveillance Solutions

Pelco by Schneider Electric recently announced that they are strengthening their relationship with Avaya to deliver superior performance and simplicity to IP video security and surveillance customers. This global alliance partnership will enable deeper collaboration on technology development and interoperability, providing customers with an easy-to-install, easy-to-scale network platform optimized for demanding video surveillance systems.