AxxonSoft Releases Version 3.1.1 Next-Generation Axxon Next VMS

Exibiting at ASIS 2013 AxxonSoft has made available version 3.1.1 of its innovative Axxon Next video management software. The main goal of the update, according to the developers, was to increase product functionality and provide additional stability gains. The previous version, Axxon Next 3.1 , marked the appearance of a number of completely new functions that significantly optimise workflows, assist in efficient allocation of computing resources, and reduce the network footprint of video surveillance. These new functions have been improved and built upon in version 3.1.1, making the new version of Axxon Next an even more powerful and efficient solution for video surveillance systems. New features in Axxon Next 3.1.1 include: Support for Guardant electronic dongle–based licensing, which allows starting Axxon Next on any computer to which the USB dongle is connected. (HID-based licensing, the only licensing type available previously, requires attaching the Axxon Next license to the hardware of a specific computer.) Guardant dongles allow quickly bringing a new server online to replace one that has gone down, for example. Improved dewarping of fisheye images can now determine the centre and radius of the source image. This capability prevents distortion in dewarped images when the centre of the source image has shifted relative to the center of the frame or the radius of the source image is not equal to half of the length of the side of the frame. An improved masking algorithm during configuration of video detection tools enables setting polygonal masking areas more precisely. The […]

Axxon Next VMS Software Demonstration At SecurityUser Expo 2013

Published on 10 Sep, 2013 Axxon Next will be demonstrated to security distributors and systems integrators at SecurityUser Expo 2013 PTZ Security , an AxxonSoft -certified distributor, will showcase Axxon Next at Denmark’s SecurityUser Expo 2013 . PTZ Security will introduce visitors at SecurityUser Expo 2013, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 17 to 19 September of this year, to state-of-the-art AxxonSoft software. Next-generation, open-platform Axxon Next video management software (VMS) will be demonstrated to security distributors, wholesalers, and systems integrators at one of the marquee events in the important Scandinavian market. Exciting innovations from AxxonSoft put Axxon Next on a whole new level of performance, reliability, efficiency, functionality and accessibility. Video surveillance systems based on Axxon Next can scale infinitely: there are no restrictions on the number of video servers, workstations or video cameras. Axxon Next also plays well with other devices and systems. Support for over 1,000 models of IP cameras is included, as well as remote access from mobile devices and a web interface. The software’s intuitive interface makes navigation a breeze and increases workflow efficiency. “We are very happy to have a partner like PTZ Security in Denmark, with great technical knowledge and many years of experience in the IP and security market. I am sure the show will be a big success for PTZ Security as well as for AxxonSoft,” said Harald Lutz, Technical Manager at AxxonSoft. Security needs of all sizes – from those of large-scale distributed facilities to the smallest sites […]