DroneSec and CERBAIR Join Forces to Better Disseminate the Threat Intelligence.

DroneSec has established itself as the benchmark for intelligence on threats generated by drones. Thanks to the work of analysts including former hackers, military drone pilots and fighter jet pilots, the DroneSec team audits, trains and informs its clients on the risks posed by drones on sensitive infrastructure. With customers on most continents, CERBAIR claimed a more extensive cooperation with DroneSec for a few months.

CerbAir Shortlisted to Provide Anti-drone Solutions for the Olympic Games in 2024

An evaluation committee made up of representatives of various ministries and infrastructure operators shortlisted CerbAir as a potential supplier of counter-drone solutions for major public and sports events such as the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. This program is mandated by the French General Secretariat of Defense and National Security (SGDSN) and was organized by the SAFE cluster in February 2019.