CES 2020

HID Global to Showcase Seamless Access Control Experiences Using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology at CES 2020

HID Global showcases a new world of more seamless and secure access experiences using Ultra-Wideband technology at CES 2020. With the growing use of smartphones for mobile access plus UWB technology in place, a user can simply approach a door and opens it automatically—all without additional intervention or any intentional action from the user. The door automatically locks when the user is on the outside of the designated secure area.

Hushmesh to Reveal Password-Free Solution to Identity Fraud, Data Breaches at CES 2020

Hushmesh has a new approach to identity fraud and data breach prevention that removes friction and frustration so people can have secure and painless experiences. Hushmesh will demonstrate this solution at CES 2020 in the Changhong booth. The Hushmesh secure IoT device —called the Trustee— automates end-to-end cryptography for its owner. Hushmesh chose Microsoft’s Azure Sphere IoT platform to ensure the security and trustworthiness of each Trustee.

Security and Safety Things Brings Growing IoT Platform for Security Cameras to CES 2020

Security and Safety Things GmbH is returning to CES in 2020 as a partner in the Bosch booth. The company will demonstrate an open IoT ecosystem for security cameras that enables innovative applications, combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These applications, provided by third-party development partners, offer actionable insights and intelligence to building and site managers, as well as operators in a variety of different verticals.