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UNITED STATES v. CEJAS: Use Of Video Surveillance Challenge

This August 1, 2014, U.S. Court of Appeals (Seventh Circuit) decision set a solid precedent on the admissibility of video surveillance, even when that recorded video surveillance feed has technical issues. So much of the video surveillance industry is set so that in the event one needs to prove to a legal authority something did […]

VizuCop Announces Release Of VizuCop 360 In-Car Video Solutions For Law Enforcement

VizuCop, an innovative supplier of in-car surveillance solutions engineered exclusively for the law enforcement industry, announced its release of VizuCop 360 systems. From camera capture to proprietary playback software, VizuCop 360’s standard components protect video evidence for court admissibility and VizuCop’s new optional automated archiving system further secures and streamlines evidence management. “Based on our […]

Surveillance Video Was Properly Admitted, Court Rules

A three-judge appellate panel in the Seventh District recently affirmed the judgment of the Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas. The judges ruled that Shawn Green was properly convicted on charges of felonious assault, assault, resisting arrest and possession of cocaine. Green challenged the trial court’s decision to admit video surveillance footage of the incident leading to his arrest. According to the factual and procedural history provided by the Seventh District, Officers Quinn and Mulligan responded to a call about an armed man who was fighting with two females in a bar in Youngstown on March 15, 2012. The officers entered the bar and approached Green from two different directions. Quinn testified that she could see a “bulge” in Green’s pocket and believed it was a firearm. As she approached, Quinn reached for the suspected gun but Green turned and punched her in the throat, causing her head to hit the wall behind her. Quinn tried to subdue Green with her Taser as she was falling but accidentally hit Mulligan. Quinn passed out and when she regained consciousness she said she saw Mulligan struggling to control Green. Mulligan testified that, due to his struggle with Green, he did not initially realize that he had been struck by the Taser. Additional officers eventually responded to the scene and, together, they were able to subdue Green. The bulge in his pocket turned out to be marijuana, cocaine and packaging baggies. Quinn was treated for a back sprain, neck sprain and contusions. […]