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Retrieving Sound From Vibrations Captured on Video

Researchers at MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe have developed an algorithm that can reconstruct an audio signal by analyzing minute vibrations of objects depicted in video. In one set of experiments, they were able to recover intelligible speech from the vibrations of a potato-chip bag photographed from 15 feet away through soundproof glass. In other experiments, they extracted useful audio signals from videos of aluminum foil, the surface of a glass of water, and even the leaves of a potted plant.

Bill Gates Files Patent To Protect You From ‘Glassholes’

Google opened up its new Glass product for sale to the general public for the first time recently and Bill Gates is already taking steps to protect you from the wearable tech that’s become infamous for its ability to record and eavesdrop at a tilt of the head. Even at $1,500 per device, you can […]