Face Biometrics

Suprema Showcases Contactless Access Control at ISC West 2021

Suprema is showcasing its latest access control solutions at ISC West 2021. ISC West 2021 marks the first year Suprema is operating a stand-alone booth at ISC West and Suprema is demonstrating advanced access control features of its BioStar 2 solution, in addition to its X-Station 2 and FaceStation F2 terminals. At Suprema booth, visitors can see how BioStar 2 access control solution can be deployed to strengthen security at enterprise settings.

Face Forensics’ Access Control System Links Face Biometrics To ID Cards

It’s another example of the biometric access control and attendance tracking solutions emerging as such technology becomes more accessible to customers. For its part, in a statement announcing the new F2, Face Forensics says the system “is designed to be straightforward to integrate into existing access control systems and connects easily to images in existing industry-standard databases,” which should help to heighten its appeal to organizations in the market for improved security or attendance tracking.