Iowa Business Utilizes VIVOTEK VORTEX VSaaS Cloud Solution

Midwest American weather can be challenging for businesses, especially during the winter. Those that operate 24 hours a day with minimal staff, such as Jefferson, Iowa-based The Washing Well Laundromat, require depend able surveillance around the clock for a multitude of reasons and locations, no matter during sunny, warm days or at 2am during a blizzard. Being able to access important footage from anywhere any time of day or night had become a necessity for The Washing Well.

Quad Cities Cybersecurity Conference (CornCon)

Cybersecurity Conference/ Event Overview (Organizer Submitted Description): CornCon is a Midwest regional cybersecurity conference held each September in Davenport, Iowa. CornCon features world-class speakers, contests, and expo hall and hacker village. Trainings are offered Friday. A kids hacker camp runs in parallel with CornCon on Saturday.

Iowa Legislature Approves Bill Banning Public Bathroom Video Surveillance

A bill that would block government entities from putting up surveillance cameras inside the bathrooms of public buildings has passed both the Iowa House and Senate and is expected to be signed by Gov. Terry Branstad. The ACLU of Iowa had been pushing for the bill after complaints from an Iowa City woman who noticed that a camera was focused on the sink area inside the Iowa City Public Library.

CaughtOnCamera: Security Video Of Blazing Meteor

[embedded content] There’s nothing quite like seeing a massive fireball burn through the night’s sky. Much bigger and brighter than a shooting star, these dramatic meteors tend to catch onlookers’ attention. One recent fireball that blazed over Iowa and surrounding states, caused hundreds of wowed residents to call in the sighting to the American Meteor Society. The meteor appeared on December 26 around 5:45pm local time. More than 1,200 people reported the sighting, making it the third most reported fireball in the history of the society’s online reporting system. Some witnesses said the fireball was as bright as the sun, while others noted sonic effects and delayed booms. A few said the meteor’s color ranged from yellow to orange to blue. The fireball was caught on tape by a security camera at the public works facility in North Liberty, Iowa. In the black-and-white video, the meteor can be seen from several different angles as it shines through the sky and at times illuminates the houses and roads below. Earlier this month marked the annual Geminid meteor shower, which is the most vivid of all showers. The Geminid light show is typically full of fireballs, along with more than 100 meteors per hour. This year, the shower kicked off on December 4 and peaked on December 13 and 14. Here is a heat map that shows where people were when they reported seeing the most recent fireball over Iowa: (Credit: American Meteor Society) Other Articles:

Iowa DOT Chief Says There’s “Mixed” Info Over Safety Impact Of Traffic Cameras

The removal of a potential safety hazard that could have saved an inmate’s life was halted due to the anticipated closure of the Sarnia Jail, a jury heard Thursday at the ongoing inquest into the hanging deaths of two inmates. Sarnia Jail superintendent Kim Wright told jurors she believed the elimination of possible anchor points for nooses on bed frames was stopped after the closure of the jail was announced. In April, inmate Daniel Mitchell was found with a shred of bed sheet around his neck and tied through a bed frame hole. In 2011, Darcy Rice, the second victim in the ongoing inquest, was discovered with a shred of bed sheet around his neck and tied to a horizontal bar of the cell door. However, jurors at an eerily similar inquest into another hanging death back in 2009 had already recommended holes in jail bed frames and horizontal bars on cell doors be eliminated. A weekend inmate, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he wasn’t surprised to hear the jury’s recommendations weren’t followed through on back in 2009. “I’m more aggravated that they aren’t keeping an eye on the inmates,” he said. “They come around every once in a while. There’s times in there that they don’t come around for a good hour.” He believes the solution to preventing jail suicides is simply to increase the patrols of the cells. In the last six years, three of the 17 suicides at Ontario’s 29 jails have happened in […]