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Small Business Utilizes VIVOTEK’s VORTEX VSaaS Cloud Solution

When a small business simply does not have the time nor desire to deal with complicated security systems that are often more than what is required for a specific purpose, especially when the manager is not on site, the choices to protect its property becomes somewhat limited. So goes Jefferson, Iowa-based Sloan Plumbing, Heating & AC, a leader in the Central Iowa market since 1979.

Iowa Business Utilizes VIVOTEK VORTEX VSaaS Cloud Solution

Midwest American weather can be challenging for businesses, especially during the winter. Those that operate 24 hours a day with minimal staff, such as Jefferson, Iowa-based The Washing Well Laundromat, require depend able surveillance around the clock for a multitude of reasons and locations, no matter during sunny, warm days or at 2am during a blizzard. Being able to access important footage from anywhere any time of day or night had become a necessity for The Washing Well.