Blue Team Summit & Training 2020

The Blue Team represents information security professionals on the front-line of defending an organization’s critical assets and systems against attacks and threats from adversaries. Blue Team professionals are highly skilled at deploying actionable techniques for timely detection, responding to compromises, and monitoring adversary activities to maintain and improve security over time. It’s an ongoing effort, […]

ADI Expo

The ADI expo program is the industry’s largest one day training and sales event! Free to all industry professionals, the ADI Expo introduces dealers to a broad array of brand name manufacturer partners to deliver the tools and resources to enhance business growth in today’s market.

Here’s What Louisville Authorities Will See From The City’s New Security Camera System

At the end of last month, Louisville officials announced that the city would install dozens of new security cameras that would monitor Waterfront Park in real time. It was a reaction to a string of violence on March 22 in downtown Louisville. Those cameras are now operational. Here’s a glimpse of what they’ll be able […]