Mike Muench

LenelS2 Integration with Seek Thermal’s Contactless Thermal Imaging System

LenelS2 announced the integration of its OnGuard and NetBox access control systems with Seek Thermal’s Seek-Scan thermal imaging system. The new integration allows businesses to identify individuals with elevated skin temperature through a contactless solution and allow or deny entry based on this reading. The integrated solution joins the Carrier Healthy Buildings Program suite of offerings to help deliver healthier, safer, more efficient, and productive indoor environments.

Seek Thermal Now Offers API Network and Integration Capabilities for Seek-Scan Adding Convenience and Control to Office Safety Procedures

To further develop effective and customized solutions for Seek Scan, one of the most affordable thermal temperature screening solutions meeting FDA guidelines during the COVID-19 public health emergency, Seek Thermal today announced it has made APIs available for access control, VMS and other integrated network capabilities. The Seek Scan thermal imaging system is specifically designed and calibrated to quickly automate body temperature screening using skin temperature as a proxy.

Maxxess Systems Partners with Seek Thermal to Deliver Complete Health Screening Solution

Maxxess Systems is pleased to announce their partnership with Seek Thermal, an advanced imaging technology company, to deliver a complete temperature screening solution to help manage health risks. Unlike stand-alone systems for temperature screening, this new complete solution helps organizations not only detect health risks in real time, but also to trigger immediate automated security system protocols and then follow through by taking appropriate actions.